Time Sharing

Resolving Legal Issues To Aid With Time Sharing For Child Custody 

One of the most important people in your life is your children. You nurture them, raise them and make them ready for the world. However, when divorce happens, the role of parents in the children’s life is divided. If you are a financially-stable parent, you have a good opportunity to raise your child. Time-sharing plays an important role when it comes to child custody. 

Determining A Time Share Plan

Time Sharing Litigation

Preparing Mediation With The Child

Florida State Laws

Fla. Stat. § 61.001-61.45, Dissolution of Marriage, Support, and Time Sharing, which includes alimony, premarital agreements, equitable distribution, child support, parenting plans, and guardians ad litem.

see the florida state statutes

How Is A Time Sharing Plan Determined?

Time-sharing (a.k.a. “child custody”) issues are regularly the most emotionally charged issues in a family law case. Thus, time-sharing is generally a difficult issue to litigate.

Numerous variables might be considered while making a time-sharing agreement: 

Child Needs

Will your child have their enthusiastic, physical and formative needs met with one parent more than the other?


Which parent has the most steady, sustaining relationship with their child? 

Child Choice

Which parent does the child want to live with all the more frequently? 


Which parent will have the option to permit their child to keep setting off to the school the child joins in? 

Parents Background

Does one parent misuse medications or liquor, have a background marked by mishandling or have criminal accusations on their record? 

Time Sharing Litigation

There are times when it is important to require some time sharing dispute to trial because of the restricting party being absurd or if one parent represents a risk to the party’s child(ren). In time-sharing litigation, difficult work, understanding, planning, and awareness are critical.

When going to trial is fundamental, a good attorney works with clients to build up a holistic litigation system. A lawyer cooperates to identify evidence, create timelines, figure out which witnesses are vital for trial, and whether it is savvy to utilize a social examiner. 

Preparing Mediation For The Child

The court ordinarily expects guardians to meet in mediation to attempt to determine child care issues under the steady gaze of the court gives an custody order. It is essential to get ready for mediation with your child’s authority attorney since its effect on court orders fluctuates from area to region in Florida. However, if you can’t agree through mediation, the court will in all probability continue with a meeting with your child authority attorney. 

In some cases, for example, those including allegations of mental health issues, substance misuse, or questionable parenting conduct that could contrarily influence a child, or because one of the mates demands it, the court may plan an assessment for child guardianship all alone. This assessment may likewise be requested in instances of different genuine contradictions, for example, when a parent wants to move out of state and the other parent objects. Furthermore, a judge in Boynton Beach may select a child authority lawyer for the children in case of an, especially difficult care fight.

Unmarried Parents Must Address Custody Too 

For unmarried parents, separation can mean the need to make kid custody and kid support agreements like what must occur during a separation. Setting up paternity is a basic piece of having the option to determine custody and support issues.

A good lawyer sees how essential these time-sharing plans are for the well-being of your children. They fight for them and their eventual benefits. Regardless of whether that implies prosecuting for sole custody or agreeably working out a time-sharing arrangement, an experienced lawyer has the experience both all through the court to enable your children to get the most ideal life after a divorce.


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