Resolving Legal Issues To Help With Relocation

Whether you are a divorced or a separated parent who is considering moving to a new country, state or town, you will look for the best interest of the child and the other custodial right of the parent and the custodial rights of the parents. When divorce is happening, parents should ensure that their children are protected and safe. As life keeps on going, sometimes one of the parents decides to relocate.

Is Moving The Greatest Idea?

What Happens If Parents Don't Agree

Understanding Child Location Law

Florida State Laws

Fla. Stat. § 61.13001 covers parental relocation with a child.

see the florida state statutes

Is Moving The Greatest Idea For Your Child

Is it right to say that you are interested in migrating and carrying your child with you when you move? Has your previous companion revealed to you that the individual is moving ceaselessly with your child? There are numerous reasons that guardians migrate after a divorce or separation:

Understanding Child Location LawJob & Education Opportunities
Remarriage Or Another Relationship
Reconnect With Family Or Help A Relative
Military Organization Or Moves
A Requirement For Particular Clinical Treatment

because of a sickness or handicap

Longing For A New Beginning

What Happens If Parents Don’t Agree?

At the point when the parents can’t agree, the judge will hold a hearing and conclude whether to permit the move. If the judge accepts that this move would negatively affect the children he may not affirm it. At the point when the parent doesn’t agree with the move, the custodial parent must record a request for relocation with the court.

Before you move, it’s in every case best to counsel with an accomplished relocation lawyer that clarify how the state’s family law may impact your move, just as how an accomplished family law attorney can help.

Understanding Child Location Law

There are different reasons why parents move. It can be due to education, health or a job. Some transition to be nearer to family or to just get a new beginning after a divorce. Be that as it may, when children are included, moving turns out to be considerably more difficult. Since child relocation has become an undeniably bigger issue in family courts, Florida instituted laws specifically identified with the subject of child relocation. 

At the point when parents are talking about the conditions of the parenting plan and time-sharing understanding, they frequently discuss when and under what conditions a child can be removed from the state or out of the nation. This normally is constrained to child relocation vacations is commonly an extremely sensitive subject that neither one of the parents will consent to readily. 

Under Florida Statute §61.13001, a parent must file a notice of relocation if the parent needs to move the child move than 50 miles from the child’s present living area. The other parent has 30 days in the wake of being presented with the notice to record a protest with the court. At the point when a child relocation is tested, the parent wishing to migrate the child must give proof that the relocation is to the greatest advantage of the child. This proof may incorporate realities that influence the child’s life, for example, money related, social, education, etc. The parent should likewise introduce a parenting plan and timesharing plan that mulls over how the non-custodial parent will keep on being a functioning member in the child’s life. 



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