Resolving Legal Issues Dealing With Modification

When a court determines that one party is responsible for another, be it for child support, alimony or in any context of a parenting plan, the decision usually binds on that party. However, under specific circumstances, a judge can order a modification of final judgment.

Modification Of Alimony

Modification In Child Support

Modification Of A Parenting Plan

Florida State Laws

Fla. Stat. § 61.55-61.58, Collaborative Law Process Act
This act encourages the peaceful resolution of disputes and an early resolution of pending litigation through a voluntary and non-adversarial settlement process.

see the florida state statutes

Modification Of Alimony 

Alimony is an allowance for support made under court request from one life partner to the next life partner. One party might be required to make alimony payments to the next during a divorce just as after the procedures. At times, alimony payments might be gotten reliably by a previous life partner for a long time. In different cases, the situation of one mate definitely changes, and modifications must be made to an alimony request. 

When there is a considerable change in conditions that was not foreseen by the gatherings and it is “adequate, material, involuntary, and permanent in nature,” a gathering may move for a modification of final judgment. A case of this may be in the event that one life partner was taken a crack at school during the divorce, yet later starts working at a job where he is being paid a considerable salary.

Modification In Child Support 

Child support is a court-requested payment starting with one former spouse then onto the next to assist the children of the marriage. Like alimony, child support payments are resolved during the separation proceedings. In any case, Florida courts have discovered a few conditions where a modification of a child support request is suitable: 

When modification is discovered essential by the court and is to the greatest advantage of the child; or at the point when the child arrives at the period of dominant part; or When there is a generous change in the conditions of the parties. Similarly as with a modification of alimony payments, the party endeavoring to change the court’s child support request has the weight to demonstrate that the adjustment in conditions is “adequate, material, automatic, and lasting in nature.” 

Modification Of A Parenting Plan

Parenting plans are resolved during the underlying divorce proceedings and dictate child custody courses of action. In specific situations a court may establish that an adjustment in the parenting plan is fitting. In Florida, a judge can adjust a parenting request if there is a substantial and material change since the first determination, and that an adjustment in the parenting plan is to the greatest advantage of the child. 

If your financial circumstances get ugly, it very well may be difficult to stay aware of child support or spousal support payments requested by a last judgment in a divorce proceeding. Simultaneously, increasing expenses of thinking about children might be trying to meet if you are getting an inadequate measure of child support.

Do You Need A Modification Of Final Judgement? 

Florida courts perceive the requirement for some divorced spouses to change the terms of their child support and visitation terms for different reasons, yet for the most part necessitate that a solid appearance of changed circumstances be introduced before it concedes a motion for modification. Where the solicitation for modification depends on changes in financial circumstances, and the court will typically need to see a 15 percent change in the capacity to make payments.

If there has been a generous change in your conditions since your initial divorce proceedings, and you accept that there should be a modification in the court’s final judgment, contact an accomplished Florida family law attorney who is a Bar Board Certified master in Florida Marital and Family Law. 


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