Resolving Legal Issues To Help Enforce Child Support

When it comes to the Child Support Enforcement program, attorneys play a major role. CSE attorneys are also known as IV-D attorneys who work in a wide range of environments. Some are primarily administrative, some court-based and some mixed. When an ex-partner denies abiding by the terms of the family court regarding the parenting plan, it could result in stress and hardship. 

However, when you hire a child support enforcement attorney, it helps you to enforce child support along with alimony orders to make sure their best interests as well as security. A good attorney makes sure that both parents actively participate in the lives of their children and act according to the best of their child’s interests.

Enforcing A Support Order

Establishing A Child Support

How Does The Court Play A Vital Role

Florida State Laws

Fla. Stat. § 61.502-61.542, Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
This act helps to avoid jurisdictional competition and conflict with courts of other states in matters of child custody to discourage shifting or kidnapping of children by the non-custodial parent from state to state in hopes of finding more favorable child custody laws.

see the florida state statutes

What A Judge Can Do To Enforce A Support Order

Keep in mind, child support payments are your kid’s right. If you enforce those rights, the legal actions will be taken by the court. To recover child support, it is important to file a contempt of court motion. You can talk to a good enforcement lawyer to get the right solution related to child support.


A judge can trim: a reprobate parent’s checks, government or state charge discounts when arrearages are more than $500, money from financial balances when arrearages are more than $600 or 4 months’ of child support is owed.

Liens / Properties

Place liens on vehicles and power deal when arrearages are more than $600. Place liens on close to home property and organize their deal. Guarantee and sell a reprobate parent’s surrendered or unclaimed property


A Judge can set up a payment plan for the other parent. Suspend the reprobate guardians’ expert, or word related, licenses until they pay late help or consent to a payment plan. Order prison for as long as a year until late kid support is paid. Also, order reprobate guardians to repay the custodial parent’s attorney’s charges, make a trip expenses to the court and expert observer costs

Freezing / Blocking

A judge can freeze a home value line and Block lottery rewards when arrearages are more than $600. 


A judge can renounce the reprobate parent’s driver’s permit and intercept laborer’s remuneration reserves.

Establishing A Child Support

You should initially get a court order to set up child support – there are a few different ways to do this. To start with, you and your child’s other parent can concur on a suitable amount (normally set by your state’s rules) for support. A judge must endorse your agreement and transform it into an official court order.

If you and your child’s other parent can’t concur, you’ll need to ask a Judge or nearby agency to set the amount. You can employ an accomplished attorney in your general vicinity to document a solicitation for a child support order.

How Does The Court Play Such A Vital Role In Child Support?

Any order, be it a spouse support order, child support order or visitation order, can be enforced. In order to enforce child support, it is important that the orders are signed by the judge and filed with the office of court clerks. 

At the point when an ex-spouse neglects to go along completely with a court order, Florida law gives various tools to coax people into participation and to punish noncompliance. One thing that you can do is document civil contempt motion, which will request that the court discover your ex-spouse in contempt of court in view of the violation of a court order. 

This educates the court that you have a substantial court order and that your ex is noncompliant. Both (you and ex) will attend a contempt hearing where your lawyer will introduce the noncompliance evidence. Your ex-spouse can offer a defense. If you can demonstrate your case to an appointed authority’s satisfaction, the ex-spouse will be held in contempt of court.

One thing you need to always remember that you should always comply with the order of child support. If the judge discovers that you are not complying with the terms, he may issue a new order in which you and your spouse need to pay all the dues of the child support. Your spouse might also face penalties like fines or sentenced to jail if he fails to pay for child support. 


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