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Resolving Legal Issues Dealing With Child Custody 

The child support in Florida continues until the 18th birthday of the child. Even if the child has not graduated high school or suffering from a disability, parents may continue to support them. Child issues usually come when there is a dispute between parents. When the situation gets worse and parents seek legal assistance, the issue of child custody comes into play.

Child Custody

Basics Of Child Support

Child Support

Florida State Laws

Fla. Stat. § 61.502-61.542, Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
This act helps to avoid jurisdictional competition and conflict with courts of other states in matters of child custody to discourage shifting or kidnapping of children by the non-custodial parent from state to state in hopes of finding more favorable child custody laws.

see the florida state statutes

The Basics Of Child Support

Money paid as child support is expected to be used for the care and welfare of the children. However, it isn’t for the custodial parent to use for their expenses. This is the place things can get confounding and clashes may emerge conceivably to emerge. As a rule, child support is intended to keep up a child’s expectation for everyday comforts and guarantee all their basic needs are secured.

Child Custody & Support

can regularly be mistaken and entangled for all parties included. Since the laws vary starting with one state then onto the next and if one parent lives in a different state, it’s in every case best to consult a nearby family law attorney. They will have the option to clarify the method for documenting and paying child support and guide you through the process.

Custodial Parent

There are various essential things parents should know. Most importantly, a custodial parent is characterized as the parent who has the essential child custody for most of the time.

Non-Custodial Parent

Characterizing a non-custodial parent, then again, is somewhat more complicated. For the most part, it refers to the parent who doesn’t have physical custody of a child, however, they may have legal custody. 

While fathers are frequently connected with being the non-custodial parent, this isn’t generally the case and numerous mothers are liable for paying child support also. In like manner, a non-custodial parent may stay extremely engaged with their child’s life and parents may decide to co-parent. It’s likewise imperative to remember that child support isn’t subject to the parents having been married.

Financial Responsibilities

Regardless of the conditions, the objective of child support is that the parents split the financial responsibility related to bringing up their children. This normally implies the non-custodial parent makes ordinary payments to help spread the child’s basic needs. 

The measure of child support depends on both parent’s income. Each state has different rules to compute the payments. It’s likewise regular for court-requested payments to be removed straightforwardly from the non-custodial parent’s wages. 

Child Support Modification

Parents who owe child support, however, can’t pay should consider petitioning for a child support modification. Likewise, if you have to apply for open help, any child support you get may turn into a factor in what you qualify for.

What Happens If Parents Fail To Pay For Child Support?

For cases including the non-payment of child support law, there are different choices the payee parent may decide to try to implement child support. On the other hand, the payor parent should be aware of the potential ramifications for the inability to pay child support by their child support lawyer. Potential legal outcomes incorporate having child support law decorated, suspension of driver’s license, suspension of expert license regulated by the State of Florida. For activities including the modification of child support, there must be evidence of a lasting, material, unforeseen, adequate, and automatic change in conditions.

What Is A Child Support?

This term refers to the hands-on and legal relationship between a child and the parent. It includes the parent’s right to care, raise, and make decisions regarding the child. Child custody is of different types, ranging from physical, legal, sole and joint custody. When a couple separates, child issues are a matter of big consideration. And here child support steps in.

What Is Child Custody? 

The Disqualification Provision is a legally binding provision which says that if either party decides to file a case in court then the two parties need to hire their own attorney for their litigation case. There are a few advantages to this from the customer’s perspective. First, the customer realizes that they will never be interviewed by the lawyer with whom they are talking about their case. Second, and maybe increasingly significant, the customer realizes that when they hire a Collaborative lawyer, they are quite dedicated to settling their case. To put it plainly, the disqualification provision permits everybody to focus on the significant work of settling your case.


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